This is how our cleaning process works

Air conditioning cleaning with airco well®, an all-round sustainable solution

Hygienically clean climate in the vehicle interior

Direct cleaning and flushing of the air conditioning system with high pressure ensures optimum cleaning results and a hygienically clean vehicle interior climate.

Our cleaning process effectively prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and ensures healthy breathing air in the vehicle. airco well® removes bacteria, germs and fungi exactly where they occur: at the evaporator and in the pollen filter environment. Pathogens and microorganisms are eliminated with high pressure and all affected components are sustainably cleaned.

And best of all, our air-conditioning cleaning process is environmentally and health friendly, because it does not use any allergenic dyes, fragrances or disinfectants.

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Cleaning the ac evaporator

Cleaning the evaporator and pollen filter box

Every car air conditioning system has exactly two weak points where it is particularly susceptible to attack by dirt and harmful microorganisms: the pollen filter box and the evaporator.

The airco well® air conditioning cleaning system therefore consists of two specially developed components to optimally clean these two areas and sustainably improve the breathing air in the vehicle interior:

Cleaning the evaporator and the pollen filter box

Air conditioning cleaning according to VDI recommendation

The airco well® cleaning system is the best solution for healthy breathing air in cars. This has been proven by comprehensive internal and independent external tests.

The Association of German Engineers (VDI) also recommends regular and proper cleaning of the air conditioning system and filters in its guideline VDI/ZDK 6032 Sheet 2 "Air technology; air quality in vehicles; hygiene requirements for ventilation technology; passenger cars/trucks" in order to improve the air quality in the car and minimize health risks.

The cleaning procedure described there must be applied at least every two years. airco well® follows this guideline and demonstrably meets the highest standards with its hygienic cleaning.

GUI Lab certificate

Tested and certified

In accordance with the requirements of VDI/ZDK Guideline 6032, gui-lab has tested and certified the conformity of the cleaning method on the pollen filter box and the evaporator for airco well®.

The combination of chemical-mechanical cleaning, the cleaning formula without biocide, without odorants and without allergenic ingredients as well as the effectiveness in reducing germs and bacteria on the hygienically relevant surfaces in the pollen filter box and on the evaporator were confirmed.

The gui-lab label certifies airco well®: "The products clean hygiene-relevant components of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in vehicles effectively, in compliance with directives and in a way that is not harmful to health."

gui-lab is a community of environmental engineers and laboratories whose expertise lies in the evaluation and testing of indoor air hygiene, environmental technology and indoor air quality.

Cleaning the pollen filter box

Why should the pollen filter box be cleaned?
The pollen filter of the air conditioning system ensures that the contaminants originating from the ambient air do not enter the evaporator or the vehicle interior. However, some of the filtrate is deposited in the filter environment: When the pollen filter is changed, particles can become detached there. This area should therefore be cleaned intensively each time the pollen filter is changed.
How does the cleaning of the pollen filter box work?
The 996 Hygiene Cleaner for the pollen filter box is a specially developed cleaning aerosol with a spray probe. After removing the old filter, the pollen filter box and the adjacent air ducts are specifically sprayed with the cleaning spray. The spray probe ensures comprehensive wetting of the entire pollen filter environment and an intensive cleaning effect.
What does the pollen filter cleaning do?
Intensive cleaning with our pollen filter cleaning spray prevents unpleasant odors from forming in the long term and prevents new microorganisms (e.g. fungi, bacteria and germs) from settling in the pollen filter housing and in the adjacent air ducts. The effect: A lasting improvement of the breathing air in the vehicle interior.

Cleaning the evaporator

Why should the evaporator be cleaned?
Moisture and dirt can accumulate in the closely spaced cooling fins of the evaporator. These conditions form an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and germs. If the evaporator is not cleaned, this can have a negative effect on the health of the vehicle occupants after only a short time - depending on the weather, driving behavior and use of the air conditioning system.
How does the cleaning of the evaporator work?
The airco well® hygiene cleaner is sprayed directly onto the evaporator using a pressure cup gun. The cleaner actively cleans the entire evaporator system: pathogens, dirt and the biofilm formed from microorganisms are flushed out of the evaporator at high pressure.
What does the evaporator cleaning do?
Unpleasant odors are eliminated directly at the point of origin and the air quality in the car interior is sustainably improved. Our air conditioning cleaning does not use biocides: Disinfection is not necessary and also not recommended. Disinfection can be harmful to health and cause bacterial resistance, which is why we recommend regular preventive cleaning of the evaporator.

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