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If the air conditioner stinks, the reason is usually as follows: The moisture that is extracted from the air by the air conditioner collects as condensation in the system. The mix of moisture and heat then forms an ideal breeding ground for mould, fungi and harmful bacteria - which can lead to the extremely unpleasant odours from the air conditioner. The only remedy here is professional air conditioning cleaning by a certified workshop.

Scientific research has shown that odour alone is not an indication of the degree of air conditioning contamination or the severity of air conditioning pollution. Even air conditioners that do not smell can be significantly contaminated. Long before unpleasant odours develop, fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms are deposited which, when inhaled through the air from the air conditioning system, can lead to health problems for vehicle occupants. If there is an odour from the air conditioning system, air conditioning cleaning is already overdue.

The airco well® hygiene cleaning removes fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms that can endanger the health of vehicle occupants from the evaporator. The air that then flows from the air vents into the vehicle interior is demonstrably less harmful to health. The airco well® cleaner is completely free of environmental and health-hazardous biocides and allergenic fragrances that can cause respiratory illnesses and other health problems in vehicle occupants.

Ideally, the air conditioning system, especially the evaporator, should be cleaned once a year - but after two years at the latest, in order to always have healthy breathing air in the car. VDI Guideline 6032 (VDI: Association of German Engineers) recommends regular cleaning of the air conditioning system. Cleaning of the pollen filter environment must be carried out every time the filter is changed.

Dirt is deposited in the cooling fins of the evaporator. In combination with the air humidity condensing on the evaporator, this forms the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and germs. If the evaporator is not cleaned regularly, this can have a negative effect on the health of the vehicle occupants - depending on the weather, driving behaviour and use of the air conditioning system.



Effective cleaning according to the airco well® method requires specialist knowledge of air conditioning systems and can only be carried out with special tools. For this reason, it is advisable to visit a specialist workshop certified by us.

Air-conditioning cleaning makes sense at any time of year, because microorganisms settle in the air-conditioning system all year round.

Yes. The airco well® cleaning process can be used to clean the air conditioning systems of all vehicle models.

There are various methods on the market that all promise to clean or even disinfect the vehicle air conditioning system. However, with some methods, for example ultrasonic fogging or "click cans", this is not physically possible or the methods can irreversibly damage materials in the vehicle interior, such as with the so-called ozone interior cleaning. The only process that meets all the requirements defined in VDI Guideline 6032 (VDI: Association of German Engineers) for successful air conditioning cleaning without endangering health and materials is the airco well® process.

In order to clean the air conditioning system in the car completely hygienically, a replacement of the pollen filter as well as the cleaning of the pollen filter box is absolutely recommended in addition to the evaporator cleaning. Accordingly, evaporator cleaning is always recommended when the pollen filter is replaced.

The airco well® air conditioner cleaning is carried out without removing the evaporator. In some cases, panels, covers, the glove compartment or the pollen filter must be removed in order to effectively clean the evaporator with the airco well® special probe.

It takes 45 minutes to clean the air conditioning evaporator and the pollen filter environment. This time was determined using scientific methods by the Institute of Automotive Economics (IFA) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Reindl in an extensive study.

The price of cleaning the air conditioning evaporator and pollen filter environment in a certified workshop varies depending on the hourly rate (pollen filter cleaning is not included). The amount is usually between 150€ and 250€. You can get the exact price from your dealer, which you can find through our workshop finder.



Modern car workshops that are concerned about the health of the vehicle occupants offer this service. Ask your workshop about hygiene cleaning with airco well®. You can find workshops near you here.

Workshops do not automatically carry out airco well® air conditioning cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to add the item "Perform airco well® air conditioning cleaning" to the inspection order.

No, the air conditioning service is mostly a purely functional maintenance. The airco well® hygiene cleaning of the air conditioning system must be commissioned specifically.

Of course, your vehicle is essential. In addition, the workshop may need your service booklet - for example, if the air conditioning cleaning is carried out together with an inspection.


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