About airco well

About airco well®

About us

airco well® is a brand of the TUNAP GROUP. As an innovation leader in aerosols, lubricants and cleaning solutions, the TUNAP GROUP is present in over 40 markets worldwide. Together, we work every day to contribute to personal well-being, health and resource conservation. We attach great importance to the highest quality standards and at the same time pay attention to the health and environmental compatibility of our products.

With the airco well® cleaning system, you get the best solution for healthy breathing air in your car. This has been proven by comprehensive internal and independent external tests. The Association of German Engineers (VDI) recommends regular cleaning of the air conditioning system in its Guideline 6032, a hygiene guide for ventilation systems in vehicles. Our hygiene cleaning demonstrably meets the highest standards and ensures a hygienically clean vehicle interior climate.