How often do I have to clean my air conditioning system?

Ideally, the air conditioning system, especially the evaporator, should be cleaned every year, but definitely every two years. This is defined in a guideline from the Association of German Engineers (VDI). The pollen filter box and surrounding area must be cleaned every time the filter is replaced.

Why do I have to clean my car's air conditioning system?

In combination with moisture and dirt, the narrow spaces between the cooling fins of air conditioning system evaporators provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mould and germs. As a result, depending on the weather, driving style and use of the air conditioning system, the health of drivers and passengers inside the vehicle can be adversely affected within a very short time.

Are there different ways to clean an air conditioning system?

Many providers in the market promise to clean the vehicle’s air conditioning system and charge extremely varying prices for this. The only method that has been proven to work in the long term is from TUNAP (provider of airco well®), which is a combination of rinsing the evaporator and cleaning the pollen filter box. 

Can independent institutions confirm that airco well® is as effective as you claim?

The German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) carefully examined the method in an extensive comparison test. The result: the TUNAP method passed the test with flying colours. In the test, it was the only method that was rated “good”. The ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) also confirmed that airco well® is allergy friendly.

Can I use the airco well® air conditioning cleaning system in any make of car?

Yes. airco well® can be used to clean air conditioning systems in all makes of car.

Does a “garage air conditioning service” always include cleaning the air conditioning system?

No, in most cases an air conditioning service involves no more than functional maintenance. Hygienic cleaning of the air conditioning system has to be ordered separately.

Can I have the air conditioning system cleaned in the garage while my car is being serviced?

This is the best, least time-consuming solution. Since many garages do not automatically carry out the service, it is advisable to add cleaning with airco well® to the servicing order. 

Is the cleaning process health friendly?

Yes, the result is fresh, healthy air in the vehicle.  airco well® hygienic cleaning does not use disinfectant and contains no fragrances that can trigger allergies.

Where can I have my car air conditioning system cleaned?

Modern garages that care for the health of drivers and passengers offer the service. Ask your garage about hygienic cleaning with TUNAP airco well®. You can also find addresses of nearby garages where this service is available at aircowell.com.

When is the best time to clean my air conditioning system?

Cleaning your air conditioning system is practical at any time of year, as micro-organisms colonise the system throughout the year.

Can I wait until the car smells before having the air conditioning system cleaned?

If bad smells come from the ventilation, it’s too late. Smell alone is no indication for the degree of air conditioning system contamination or load. Air conditioning systems that don’t smell can also be very contaminated. 

Can I clean my car air conditioning system myself?

Effective cleaning with the TUNAP method requires a certain amount of technical knowledge about air conditioning systems and can be done only with special tools; because of this, it is better to find a specialist garage that offers airco well®.