April 7th is the world health day. And health is top priority for europeans.

April 7th is the world health day. And health is top priority for europeans.


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Fitness studios, super foods and wellness temples are booming. Not surprising given that a TNS Opinion survey for the EU Commission found that 99% of Europeans named health as being most important in their lives – placing the issue above even family or friends.

Companies are recognising this trend and looking at health when considering future developments. And focusing on health has lead TUNAP – a market leader in technologies in the automotive industry from Wolfratshausen in Bavaria – to launch airco well®, the first complete system for cleaning air conditioning in cars.

Dirt and microorganisms build up in air conditioning systems within a few months. And this can pose a danger to the health of driver and passengers – long before any unpleasant odour is noticeable. That is why air conditioning systems in cars should be tested and cleaned at least once a year – before germs and bacteria can cause serious problems.

Unfortunately, many cleaning products used on air conditioning systems do more harm than good, because they contain harmful chemicals as well as colouring and perfumes which cause allergies. airco well® is environmentally-friendly and does not damage health. And independent tests have shown that airco well® is the most effective air conditioning cleaning system available.

The TUNAP Splash Effect uses high pressure to flush dirt and microbes from the evaporator and from in and around the pollen filter. This ensures clean, healthy cooled air for driver and passengers to breathe. The high pressure cleaning can be done quickly and easily by any qualified workshop as part of a regular servicing – or when changing to summer tyres this spring.