Air conditioning in summer: is a cold inevitable?

Air conditioning in summer: is a cold inevitable?

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Summer heat outside, arctic temperatures in the car

It’s summer time, temperatures are rising and the holiday season is starting. But it has happened to all of us: a cold upsets your plans. But a cold in the summer? Nowadays, almost every building and car has air conditioning running at full blast all summer long. The obvious difference in temperature between outside and inside air can quickly cause a cold in summer.

What you can do in the car to avoid catching a cold:

1. Avoid draughts

The draft created by the air conditioning doesn’t just make you shiver: It causes the mucous membranes of the nose and throat to dry out, which can quickly lead to a cold. Therefore, NEVER place the air conditioning blades directly toward the seats, but always downward.

2. Determine the temperature yourself

Why don’t you regulate the temperature in your car yourself? It is recom-mended that the temperature difference to the outside air is not set high-er than 5 degrees Celsius.

3. Make the right preparations

If you have no influence on the temperature of an air-conditioning sys-tem (e.g. public transport), always take a light jacket or a thin scarf with you as a precaution.

4. Ensure sufficient humidification:

Dry mucous membranes in the nose or mouth can cause serious prob-lems: Viruses and bacteria spread and attack the immune system. There-fore, you should always drink enough water, even in the car.

Follow these tips and lessen the likelihood that you and your loved ones will suffer from another cold and sniffles next summer.

Cleaning man

All cleaned up! Even the air conditioning?

You have already cleaned everything in your household and office and now you want to clean your vehicle? Don't forget your air conditioning system and find a certified specialist workshop.