How good is the air you breathe in the car?

How good is the air you breathe in the car?

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How good is the air you breathe in the car?

In Europe, people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. Each person breathes in between 12 and 24 kg of air per day, which is why indoor air quality is of vital importance to our health. Air quality is the extent to which the air around us is clean or polluted. In Germany, the quality of the ambient air is reg-ularly tested by measuring stations. But how good is the air quality indoors and in our cars?

How does air quality affect allergies?

Poor air quality and air pollution can have a significant impact on health and performance. It affects productivity and concentration and can cause physical complaints. For allergy sufferers and people with chronic respiratory problems, poor air qual-ity can also mean that symptoms become more severe.

How exactly does the air quality affect allergies? Air surrounds us at all times. The air we breathe causes allergens to enter the human body through the skin and respiratory tract. These can cause allergic reactions.

1. Skin & mucous membranes

If the air contains too little moisture, it erodes the natural protective layer and dries out the skin and mucous membranes. Eczema can form on the skin. The mucous membranes are attacked by pollutants and allergens, which can trigger or even aggravate allergies. The attacked mucous membrane is also stimulated by pollutants and allergens, thus promoting or triggering allergies.

2. Lungs & respiratory tract

Many allergens enter the respiratory tract as fine dust and can cause al-lergic reactions. Various air pollutants (such as nitrogen dioxide or ozone) can aggravate the symptoms of bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.

3. Psyche & ability to concentrate

Poor indoor air reduces concentration and increases the error rate. The stress level increases and also promotes sensitivity to allergic reactions on a physical level.

On average, a person spends 4.1 years of their life inside a car. Employees drive for about 90 minutes a day. Always make sure the air quality is high – particularly in your car. The airco well® air conditioning cleaning procedure removes invisible germs, fungi and bacteria in your car which greatly reduce the air quality. Use our workshop finder to find a dealership near you and have your air condi-tioning system cleaned.

Cleaning man

All cleaned up! Even the air conditioning?

You have already cleaned everything in your household and office and now you want to clean your vehicle? Don't forget your air conditioning system and find a certified specialist workshop.