The airco well® sensor. Makes the invisible visible.

The airco well® sensor.
Makes the invisible visible.

Detects the load of the air conditioning air in your vehicle. With innovative 3-layer sensor technology.

Atemluft im Auto

Unhealthy breathing air in your car?

Invisible bacteria in the car's air conditioning system are a burden on the health of vehicle occupants. The airco well® sensor* makes them visible for the first time and uses specially developed 3-layer sensor technology to measure the microbial load typical of vehicle air conditioning systems. The measurement takes no longer than 3 minutes and can be performed as part of an annual inspection. Regular cleaning is the only way to eliminate the pollutant load - for clean and healthy breathing air in your car.

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Highly selective measurement

The airco well® sensor was developed in cooperation with renowned institutions such as the bifa Umweltinstitut especially for use in vehicle air conditioning systems and is not comparable with commercially available air quality sensors.

The airco well® sensor measures invisible pollutants in the air conditioning system air. In a highly selective process, it registers the volatile substances (MVOCs) formed by microorganisms, which are frequently found in the air conditioning air of vehicles.

Measurement with the airco well® sensor is available in an increasing number of certified partner workshops:

  • Patented 3-layer sensor technology
  • Measures the microbial load in the air conditioning air
  • Result available after only three minutes

Download the airco well® sensor firmware here:

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Results at a glance

After the measurement by a certified workshop, you will receive the results on the air conditioning load of your vehicle.

The test results are clearly summarized for you on one page:

  • The first value indicates the load level of your air conditioning system before cleaning.
  • The second value shows you the load level after the air conditioning service with airco well®.
  • You will also receive a recommendation for future cleaning intervals.

Degree of air conditioning air pollution before and after cleaning with airco well®

The airco well® sensor, an all-round clean solution

The result in three minutes

The result of the airco well® is available after only three minutes - just enough time for a quick cup of tea or coffee.

Highly selective measurement

Special measurement of the load of car air conditioning systems - not comparable with commercially available air quality sensors.

Measurement results at a glance

You receive the measurement results and recommendations for future cleaning intervals as a clear hand-out.

Healthy breathing air in the car

Only regular cleaning of the air conditioning system with airco well® ensures permanently clean and healthy breathing air in the car.

*The airco well® sensor, our latest innovation

TUNAP has been researching and developing in the field of air conditioning cleaning and hygiene for over 20 years. The airco well® sensor is the latest innovation in the airco well® product family and is currently in the final market testing phase.

After several years of development work, we are currently surveying the acceptance, usability and measurement reliability of the airco well® sensor in the everyday life of car dealerships and automotive workshops in international automotive markets. Contact about the airco well® sensor: