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Because you cannot see or otherwise assess the degree of contamination of the evaporator. Independent studies have shown that an air conditioning evaporator can be heavily contaminated, even without an odor indication: for example, with bacteria, fungi and pollen that can cause asthmatic reactions or other negative health reactions in vehicle occupants.

This statement is based on scientific research conducted by pollen filter manufacturers. Under unfavorable circumstances, the filter performance of the pollen filter may have decreased by 80% after only six months.

No, it is known from medical research that regular cleaning can make the use of biocides, which are harmful to health, unnecessary. The efficient cleaning chemistry and high mechanical cleaning performance of the airco well® system makes the use of biocides unnecessary. As a result, the cleaning system also complies with VDI Guideline 6032 on the cleaning of ventilation and air-conditioning systems in vehicles.

The airco well® system is the only one to be VDI 6032 and ECARF certified. Only this ensures sufficient effectiveness in reducing germs, bacteria, etc. on the hygienically relevant surfaces in the pollen filter box and on the evaporator. In addition, the cleaner formulation is free of biocides, odorants and other allergenic ingredients.

In several scientific tests supervised by the Berlin Charité hospital, it was proven that the use of the airco well® process in passenger cars has no negative effects on vehicle occupants suffering from asthma. For this reason, the airco well® system has received ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certification as an allergy-friendly product.

For all TUNAP products, read the corresponding safety data sheets for further information. Comply with the local regulations for the disposal of packaging with hazardous contents.


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