The airco well® air conditioning cleaning system works with two components for healthy breathing air.

Every car air conditioning system has exactly two weak points at which they are especially susceptible to dirt and attacks from harmful microorganisms – the pollen filter box and the evaporator. Therefore, the airco well® air conditioning cleaning system consists of two specially developed components to clean both these areas extremely effectively.

The most important factors of the airco well® system:

  • independently tested effectiveness by the German institute for environmental and interior analysis GUI, Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Innenraumanalytik

  • tested material compatibility in collaboration with leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems

  • no colourants or fragrances that trigger allergies

  • process tried and tested internationally for many years

  • safe for the environment and health

  • improved, gentle formulation with highest hygienic effect

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airco well® for cleaning the pollen filter box

Why is this so important? In your car air conditioning system, the pollen filter ensures that most contamination from the ambient air does not get on to the evaporator or into the car interior. However, some of the filtrate accumulates around the filter and when the filter is replaced, often additional particles fall down. Therefore this area in particular must be cleaned every time the pollen filter is replaced.

How does this work? The special airco well® hygienic cleaner for the pollen filter box is a cleaning aerosol with spray probe. When the old filter is removed, the pollen filter box and the neighbouring air ducts are sprayed specifically – for thorough cleaning with the TUNAP splash effect.

What is the effect? The intensive cleaning effect resulting from optimum wetting delays re-infestation by microorganisms (e.g. mould, bacteria) in the pollen filter housing and in the neighbouring air ducts for a long time.

airco well® for cleaning the air conditioning evaporator

Why is this so important? In combination with moisture and dirt, the narrow spaces between the cooling fins of evaporators provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mould and germs.
As a result, depending on the weather, driving style and use of the air conditioning system, the health of drivers and passengers inside the vehicle can be adversely affected within a very short time.

How does this work? The special airco well® hygienic cleaner for air conditioning evaporators is sprayed directly on to the evaporator with the aid of a powerful pressure pot spray gun. This ensures rapid removal of contamination and deposits with the TUNAP splash effect.

What is the effect? Because of the high spray pressure, germs are simply flushed away. The fast-acting liquid also actively cleans the entire evaporator system right down to the smallest corner and removes the biofilm formed by the microorganisms. Unpleasant smells are eliminated at the source.

airco well® is the test winner

airco well® is the best solution for healthy breathing air in your car. This has been verified in extensive internal and independent tests. For instance, the TUNAP system is the only system tested by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) to be rated “good” (Allergie konkret magazine 10/12) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI) recommends regular cleaning with the system at least every two years (VDI Guideline 6032).

The TUNAP splash effect – direct cleaning and flushing with high pressure – always guarantees the best result for the most healthy breathing air. This is because the airco well® air conditioning cleaning system removes germs, bacteria and mould at the source - on the evaporator and in the pollen filter box. Germs are flushed out by a high-pressure jet and all the affected components are thoroughly cleaned.

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